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Powering the Future with Solar Innovation ☀️

Photovoltaic energy has positioned itself as the efficient and sustainable answer to increase electricity productivity and reduce costs. However, today only 7% of the energy we consume is of this type. While more than a third (34%) of the world's largest companies have already committed to Net Zero, almost all (93%) will not reach their targets if they do not at least double the rate of emissions reduction by 2030.

Energy consumption continues to increase, especially with the rise of hybrid work, and the urgency to adopt renewable energy sources intensifies as climate change becomes more evident. Companies worldwide are setting ambitious goals to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This commitment is essential, as studies indicate that limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius is crucial to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Mexico is especially positioned as one of the countries with the greatest potential for solar energy generation, but also the last to take advantage of it. The adoption of large-scale photovoltaic systems is hampered by several factors. The variability of solar radiation, technical complexity, difficult traceability, lack of financing, and the difficulty in finding reliable suppliers and installers have limited the adoption of solar energy in the country.

In this context, we are excited to introduce our newest investment and member of our Fund II portfolio: Solfium.

They are leading the solar energy revolution in Mexico with an innovative and customer-centric approach. Solfium's created a digital and technological business model designed to simplify the adoption of distributed generation. With a mobile Uber-like platform, but with a specific focus on residential and commercial customers, they not only help households, but also give large companies the opportunity to decarbonize their value chain.

They are here to accelerate the energy transition, starting with industrial projects and then joining with large companies. In addition, they partner directly with manufacturers, which means stronger after-sales support and a more optimized supply chain.

According to industry experts, the global solar energy market is expected to reach a staggering $368 billion by 2030, more than double its current size. In 2022, Mexico alone will account for consumption of 9,009 megawatts, worth $2.8 billion, an increase of 25% over the previous year. These figures demonstrate the immense potential of the solar energy sector, and Solfium is strategically positioned to make the most of this opportunity.

Solfium's track record is guided by an experienced and diverse founding and management team. With extensive experience in managing and leading engineering, energy and aerospace companies, they bring a valuable perspective. The international diversity of the team ensures that Solfium is well positioned to take advantage of new business opportunities and operational prospects.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, a rapidly expanding market, and a dedicated team, Solfium is more than an investment, it is also a commitment to sustainability. Its innovative approach, combined with the ability to make an impact at both the corporate and residential level, positions it as a key player in the transition to cleaner, more efficient energy. At Redwood Ventures we’re excited to be part of this journey that is a driver of positive change in the global energy landscape.


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