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We are here for you
Check our FAQs below and contact us if you need to
  • What is your timeline to fund? What is your check size?
    a. We currently have an average of 8 weeks for those companies that we invest in… We are constantly working to make the process faster. b. Our ticket size varies depending on stage: Seed stage 150K-300K; Post-seed stage 300K-750K; Series A 750K-1.5M
  • What is your typical investment process?
    Our investment process consists of 6 steps: Opportunity review Pitch Quick Hit Investment memorandum and Due Diligence Term Sheet Investment Committee
  • What Investment instruments do you use?
    Typically, we use SAFE’s for investing, however we can also enter in priced equity rounds.
  • When is the right time to reach out?
    Any time is a good time to reach out, not only when seeking for investments but also to introduce yourself and your startup. We like to get to know founders and companies even when they are not fundraising.
  • Do you lead rounds?
    Yes, we do. We prefer to lead whenever we can and makes sense.
  • What industries do you invest in?
    We are an industry-agnostic firm, in other words, as long as you are building a technology-based solution with high growth and scalability potential, we want to hear about you.
  • What stages do you get involved in?
    Rather than stages, we consider the potential evaluating the team, technology and scalability; however, our sweet spot for investing is previous to Series A.
  • What is your geographic focus?
    We can invest in companies all over the world that are focused on serving the spanish-speaking LATAM markets.
  • What characteristics do you look for in entrepreneurs?
    We want to partner-up with passionate, talented founders; capable of building great teams, great products and great companies. We prefer multidisciplinary co-founders that complement each other and that have experience working together.
  • What do you look for in a potential investment?
    Our investment criteria looks for 5 things: Team (check out the previous question) Entry barriers: We believe the most valuable companies are hard to copy and that those entry barriers are built with technology and with network effects – established partnerships, market positioning, strong branding, etc. Traction: We evaluate how fast the company is growing, how recurrent are the customers and how easy to acquire they are. These give us a sense of your product-market fit. Economics: We look for profitable business models with high scalability and return potential. Market: We invest in companies addressing big markets with products within a strong trend. We like markets with high M&A Activity.
  • How do you work with the companies post-investment?
    a. We develop what we call the 100-day plan in which we outline alongside the founders, specific actions to align the company to the founders strategic vision. This process results in clear actions for both founders and ourselves. b. We would love to be the first call a founder makes when having an issue. We don’t know anything about a lot of topics, but we can connect you with the right person. c. We participate as an observer/advisor in board meetings. We believe this gives us the visibility to understand the needs of the company and founders in order to provide the right help.
  • How do you help founders?
    a. Our DNA is to help the companies of our portfolio by promoting synergies with our investors. All our LP’s are experienced business owners, leaders of their respective sectors; which gives us access to a strong network to serve our portfolio. b. We help our portfolio founders with fundraising (to complete the rounds when we get in, and also subsequent rounds). c. We have a catalog of perks that our allies make available to the companies in our portfolio. This includes: Cloud services, CRM, lawyers, recruitiers, marketing services, insurance, compliance, payment infrastructure, offices, etc.
  • Do you do follow-on investments?
    Yes, we reserve a good amount of the fund's resources for follow-on investments.
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